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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of different equipments used in fire fighting such as Upright Type Sprinkler. These type of sprinklers are used in most of the fire fighting applications. Upright sprinkler heads project up into a space and have deflectors that spray the water downwards. They are generally used in mechanical rooms or other inaccessible areas to provide better coverage between obstructions like beams or ducts. They also provide a circle spray pattern while sprinkling the water and thus, covers all the area. These sprinklers are manufactured using high quality materials and the latest technology and are available at affordable prices. We offer all the products in bulk quantity.


  • Quick response
  • Vast coverage
  • Sturdy construction

Upright Type Sprinkler:

  • Temperature Rating                     : 155°F/68°C
  • Glass Bulb Color                         : Red
  • Thread Size                                 : NPTI/2″ Or R1/2″
  • Max. Service Pressure                : 175 psi
  • Glass Bulb Diameter (mm)         : 05